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Skandinavian is an independent Danish booking and management company, which exclusively represents a long line of Denmark’s greatest musicians, bands and selective international artists.

People who had been in the music business for over 3 decades founded Skandinavian in 2004. People from Aarhus Musikkontor, one of Denmark’s largest concert promoters, and people from The Agency Group, the world’s largest concert promoter. Since then they have together formed a strong team, who has positioned Skandinavian as one of the most important players on and for the Danish music scene.

Skandinavian’s headquarter is situated in Aarhus, and I 2012 they opened up an office in Copenhagen which gives more flexibility in relation to working with the artists and the music business in general.

Skandinavian has 13 fulltime employees and represent more than 60 different artists, who benefits from a unique expertise within career development, planning and promotion both nationally and internationally.

  Skandinavian Aarhus
Daniella Aaldering
Bo Andersen Brian Nielsen Daniella Aaldering Dorte Madsen Dorte Vinstorp
Dorthe Hyllested Flemming Myllerup Milena Torquati Stener Nielsen Theis Smedegaard

Thomas Lassen

  Skandinavian København
Gitte Clausen Lizette Meinholt Martin Rintza Morten Elley Sarah Sølvsteen
Photos: Martin Dam Kristensen
skandinavian dom. / int.
Vestergade 5 b
8000 Aarhus C
ph. +45 86127722
fax. +45 86127503

skandinavian cph
Kronprinsensgade 1
1114 København K
ph. +45 70127722

Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs: 09.00-16.00
Friday 09.00 to 15.00


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