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Spleen United
Danish synth-rock band, Spleen United, released their debut album ”Godspeed Into The Mainstream” back in 2005 and the record was a huge success in their native country earning them a gold award. The album included hits like "Spleen United" and "In Peak Fitness Condition"
In 2008 their second album"Neanderthal" was released. The album included hits like "Suburbia", "My Tripe" and "66".
Spleen United
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Spleen United
Spleen United recently released their long-awaited follow album, ”Neanderthal”, which went straight to # 1 on the official Danish sales chart. ”Neanderthal” is produced by LA based Michael Patterson (She Wants Revenge, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck, a.o.) and received great reviews on release. Several leading Danish critics immediately named "Neanderthal" one of the most important and best releases of 2008 and it has sold Gold – so far!

National Radio P3 has been highly supportive with massive airplay on the
first two singles of the album. Both "My Tribe" and "Suburbia" has been A Listed at Denmark's leading radio station and so far "Suburbia" is the most played track on P3 this year.

Spleen United is an amazing live act with their incredible combination of visuals and energy on stage. The band recently sold out one of Copenhagen's leading venues twice and performed on more than 25 festivals – including the legendary Roskilde Festival the summer of 2008.


”A magnificent electro-rock outfit from Denmark, who make rich chunky electro-rock that leaves you feeling woozy and strangely satisfied.” (Dan Martin, NME)

”The epic Spleen United are a firm and universal favourite epitomising their Danish roots with icy space rock crystallized in The Killers keyboards with the depth and power of Muse” (

”...the quintet has a full arsenal of wicked pop tunes put against a heady backdrop of built-up, moody electronic sounds capes. The psychedelic post-rock aspect to them will surely not go unnoticed on these shores” (

For more information:
Aarhus: Nørre Allé 70A 1 - 8000 Aarhus C - phone. 86127722
København: Kronprinsensgade 1, 3 sal - 1114 København K - phone. 70127722